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Information and Training Center – Law Students

Elegible advanced law students have the possibility to participate in a comprehensive legal training program at the Law Firm’s Information and Training Center (“CI”, because of its Spanish name) through individual apprenticeship agreements executed on the basis of master contracts entered into by the Firm with several universities.

What kind of work does the Information Center carry out?

The CI is an area of support and assistance to the rest of the Firm’s professional departments where selected Apprentices carry out a complete training and work program which allows them to enhance the theoretical knowledge learnt at university. These enjoy the opportunity to acquire professional and practical experience by being in direct contact with the Firm’s lawyers and by assisting them in the Firm’s main national and international deals.

The CI is located in the Firm’s Library and the training program is conducted by Dolores Paschetta, a senior lawyer and overall responsible for the CI, in charge of selecting, guiding, coordinating and evaluating the Apprentices. When these individual evaluations prove to be successful, Apprentices have the possibility to become lawyers of the Firm.

The Library includes a wide range of bibliographical material and documents to support the CI and the different Firm’s departments.

What is the aim of the Apprenticeship Program at the Information Center?

The Firm believes that the hiring and training of young talents is one of the main strategic reasons for its prestigious reputation. The Apprenticeship Program at the CI is the first step to follow a promising career as a Firm’s lawyer.

Therefore, the main objective of the training program at the CI is for law students to: (i) build upon the theoretical knowledge learnt at university by carrying out practical professional activities in a law firm and (ii) acquire sufficient skills to manage legal information and online legal tools, as well as other to date information technologies. Once Apprentices have successfully complied with the maximum legal extent foreseen for Apprenticeships, the Firm evaluates the possibility to hire them as professional lawyers.

What kind of tasks does the CI carry out?

As part of the training program, Apprentices must be able to handle all of the Library’s bibliography, the different technological information tools and online legal search engines in order to cooperate with the Firm’s lawyers in their daily work. This includes, amongst others, training and coaching to perform researches, legal and media investigations, search of legislation, articles from legal scholars and case law on specific subjects and the drafting of reports on the different assignments requested to the Apprentices. This comprehensive training also includes other kinds of tasks such as the follow up of cases in Courts and other administrative proceedings before the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (“Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires”), the local Securities & Exchange Commission (“Comisión Nacional de Valores”), the Anti-Trust Commission (“Comisión Nacional de Defensa de la Competencia”), the Commercial Public Registry (“Inspección General de Justicia”) and the Ministry of Labour (“Ministerio de Trabajo”), amongst others.

How long do Apprenticeships last and how are the timetables organized?

Apprenticeships are initially entered into for six months after which these can be renewed – if the Firm decides to do so – until the maximum legal extent permitted is over (eighteen months). They are carried out at fixed periods of four hours per day over various shifts ranging between 8.30 AM to 9 PM. This working arrangement looks to ensure that Apprentices are able to attend their classes at university and keep some study time available.

Are the Apprentices paid?

Yes. Apprentices receive a monthly allowance subject to increase once the Apprenticeship is renewed for the first time. In addition, the Firm meets all the legal requirements in terms of accidental coverage and health insurance.

What are the requirements asked by the firm in order to apply for the CI?

The Firm looks for law students who are at least in their third year of law school and are eager to participate in the business world, the most varied and complex corporate transactions and litigation cases, both national and international. We select candidates with proactive attitudes who want to become part of a work team that believes in challenges, creativity and constant progress. We value specially an excellent academic level (high overall average), fluency in spoken and written English, adequate computer skills and time availability in order to be able to accommodate in one of the possible time shifts. No previous experience is necessary.

As a student, can I apply to work in areas of the Firm other than the CI?

Law students can also submit their academic records to one of the Firm’s specific areas or else requesting to work as a proxy before the Courts for the Firm’s departments needing such kinds of tasks (e.g. Litigation, Labour, Tax, etc.).
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