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Career Development

In order to assist each and every lawyer in their formation and career development, the Firm has implemented a wide range of methods and tools:

Training (Coaching and Mentoring)

The task of teaching and training the lawyers through day-to-day work (coaching) is a permanent duty of all lawyers, regardless of their category.
In addition, each associate of the Firm receives -from a partner or senior- personal guidance (mentoring) in the planning of their career, and active assistance in the implementation and development of such career.
The Firm grants particular importance to the realization of both tasks, especially considering then in the lawyers’ performance review.

Work assignments

We have developed a system for the assignment of work which, in an organized way, seeks to meet both the needs of work and of our clients and also the amount and type of work performed by each lawyer. To do so, within the analysis for the allocation of work, different variables are considered: our clients’ needs, the proposed workload, each lawyer’s specialty in that particular matter, their interest in developing knowledge and their careers’ planning.

Work experience abroad

As a result of our practice and the clients to who we provide legal advice, the Firm has developed a very close relationship with leading law firms around the world. Since its inception, the Firm has as policy to send its lawyers abroad to complete a work experience, usually in a leading international law firm with headquarter offices in the cities of New York or London.
The planning and concretion of this residence is coordinated well in advance with each lawyer, taking into consideration the most convenient time according to the career progress of the lawyer, the best law firm in which to perform this experience and the availability in these institutions.

Training programs

According to our experience, training gained through day-to-day work is the most important tool for professional development. Hence the importance of the coaching and job assignment systems.
As a complement, the Firm periodically organizes professional training courses taught by leading lawyers in each of the practice areas in which the Firm specializes.

Performance review system

Every year, during September, a formal assessment of every lawyer´s performance is undertaken on the basis of individual reports prepared by each mentor together with complementary reports prepared by the lawyers which had interactions with the evaluated lawyer during the yearly evaluation period (the “Yearly Assessment”). Each mentor´s report contains proposals of category or subcategory changes, which are submitted to a partners’ committee that makes a final decision about each individual case.
On the other hand, junior lawyers are assessed twice a year; firstly in March, based on their performance during the September-February period, and secondly in September, regarding their performance during the March-August period (this second evaluation is carried out together with the Yearly Assessment of the rest of the Firm’s associates).

Additionally, since 2016, the Firm incorporated a further assessment process to be completed during March of each year for those specific associates that have not been promoted as a result of the previous Yearly Assessment, and who gather merits and virtues for their future projections. This new tool is also used to evaluate in March those associates that given their entry date to the Firm, had not reached the minimum period required to be evaluated on the Yearly Assessment on September of each year.
This performance review system, together with the one that each lawyer receives annualy regarding his work and his relationship with his mentor, constitutes a valuable tool for lawyers to review their performance periodically and make the necessary adjustments and improvements to achieve their goals.
Moreover, the Firm has also implemented an upward review system whereby lawyers, on a confidential basis, annually evaluate those lawyers who have been their supervisors (coaches and mentors), thus contributing to improve working conditions and overall efficiency of the Firm as a whole.
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