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As lawyers at one of the leading law firms in Argentina, we believe that it is our responsibility to collaborate with the communities in which we develop our business, as well as provide our legal solutions and services to those in need with the same quality of representation as the services we provide to our paying clients. Pro Bono work is among Bruchou’s most important values.

Accordingly, our Firm has signed the “Pro Bono Declaration for the Americas” prepared under the coordination of the Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice of the NYC Bar Association (the Declaration’s depository and supervisory agent) and belongs to the Pro Bono Commission of the Lawyers´ Association of the City of Buenos Aires (Comisión Pro Bono del Colegio de Abogados de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires), through which many of the legal aid demands that arise in Argentina are channeled. Additionally, Bruchou is a member of TrustLaw Connection, the free Pro Bono global legal program of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, which: i) allows organizations with limited resources to gain reliable access to legal assistance, and ii) makes it easier for lawyers to take part in high-impact Pro Bono work and projects.

The purpose of the Pro Bono Declaration for the Americas is to articulate lawyers’ responsibility to help their communities. The Declaration has been signed by many of the most important law firms in New York City and Latin America. In adhering to this Declaration, its signatories pledge a minimum number of hours to Pro Bono work per lawyer, which each signatory agrees to gradually meet.

Therefore, our Firm encourages interested lawyers to participate in Pro Bono projects in which our Firm is engaged, especially because they can provide legal assistance and promote access to legal representation for those who lack the financial resources to afford such assistance. To that end, Bruchou has decided to give the hours that our lawyers dedicate to Pro Bono work equal weight to the hours they devote to paid work when assessing remuneration, periodic bonuses, and performance evaluations, among others.

Within our Firm’s internal structure, Pro Bono activities are led by a Pro Bono Committee of Partners and Senior Associates, a Partner responsible for Pro Bono activities and a Coordinator, all of whom define, advance and coordinate the development of the Pro Bono practice among Bruchou’s Associates.


Some of the projects in which we are collaborating:
HelpAge International – UK

The HelpAge UK fights for older people’s rights around the world to safe, dignified and healthy lives.

The HelpAge UK supports the work of the global network and has appointed Bruchou as coordinating firm to carry out research investigation on age discrimination laws in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, India, Philippines, South Korea, Lebanon, Serbia, Argentina and the UK (England and Wales) and is working to date with legal firms from all of these countries. The Project aims to understand whether the existing legislation in selected countries adequately protects the right to non-discrimination and equality in older age and what guarantees/provisions are necessary to ensure that it does.

The results will be used to raise awareness, mobilize and support HelpAge and their network of members to advocate for the prohibition of age discrimination in countries around the world.

We would like to thank Luis TamboriniMaría Lilén CapellánDolores Cattaneo and our Information and Training Center for their contributions to this pro bono project.

Fundación Quinta Carmelita I.A.P.

Fundación Quinta Carmelita a non-profit organization working to promote children and adolescents’ right to a family through reintegration, foster care or adoption. In this case, Bruchou has been appointed as Coordinating Firm to lead a thorough cross-border analysis on the applicable regulations set forth in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, UK, Spain, Moldavia and the United States so that the intervening law firms may map the existing legislations and identify the best legal practices guaranteeing a child and protecting his right to family care in order to help in the design of future public policies.

We would like to thank María Lilén Capellán, Emilia Rodriguez RohwainDolores PaschettaMercedes Valin and our Information and Training Center for their contributions to this pro bono project.

Article 19

Artículo 19is a non-profit working to ensure that people everywhere can express themselves freely, access information and enjoy freedom of the press. Bruchou is assisting this organization with the drafting of a legal report regarding such issues in Argentina and identifying best practices in national law and case law, as well as the laws of the Inter-American System of Human Rights, on the allocation of official advertising to respect and foster the rights to freedom of expression and information as part of a broader international report.

We would like to thank Mercedes Valin, Dolores Cedrone, Julián Santos Piacente and our Information and Training Center for their contributions to this pro bono project.

Cultura Democrática

Cultura Democrática is a non-profit organization working to strengthen human political nature by educating people in democratic values and providing certain key groups with tools for political inclusion.

Bruchou is assisting them in various corporate documentation such as by-laws amendments and providing advice on the applicability to directors of Resolution No. 134/2018 of the Argentine Registrar of Companies (IGJ).

We would like to thank Teodoro Rodríguez Cáceres for their contributions to this pro bono project.

Other projects in which we have collaborated:

AguaxVidais a non-profit created in 2009 for the purpose of ensuring access to drinking water in African communities.

Bruchou advised them Pro Bono on alternatives to send collected funds in Argentina out to Africa for the drilling works carried out in their field of action considering the regulatory and foreign exchange dispositions in place.

We would like to thank Facundo Sainato and Teodoro Rodríguez Cáeres for their contributions to this pro bono project.
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