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UncategorizedBruchou advise on a new issuance of notes by the Province of Río Negro

July 6, 2021

Province of Río Negro (the “Province”) has successfully issued notes “BONO RÍO NEGRO 2021 SERIE II” due on July 20, 2022 for an aggregate amount of AR$ 1.549.110.610, and accruing a floating interest rate equal to the Badlar rate plus a 8% margin, (the “Notes”), under the Province’s Program “Programa de Emisión de Títulos Públicos Provinciales 2021” within the aggregate amount of pesos five billion ($ (the “Program”). Payments due under the Notes will be guaranteed by an assignment of the Province´s rights over the funds or any other payment under the Federal Tax Co-Participation Regime, or the one replacing it in the future. The issuance date of the Notes was on July 6, 2021.

Banco Patagonia S.A. acted as arranger and placement agent; Banco de Servicios y Transacciones S.A., Compañía Financiera Argentina S.A. and Banco Comafi S.A. acted as sub-placement agents.

Legal advisor of the principal arranger and placement agent and sub-placement agents:

Bruchou, Fernández Madero & Lombardi

Partner Perelsztein, Alejandro and associates Dorado, Lucila and Calderale, Delfina.

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