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  • We advised Standard Bank in its sale to ICBC China, which represented 20% of the total shares in each of these companies. The deal value was approximately US$180,750,605. With these acquisitions, ICBC China became the only shareholder of the three companies mentioned above (2020).
  • Citibank, in the sale of its retail banking business in Argentina to Banco Santander Río (2017).
  • Nefxin S.A.Arroyo Urbajay S.A. and Mr. Walter Grenon in the acquisition of 100% of the equity interest held by MBA Lazard Holdings Argentina S.A. in the capital stock of MBA Lazard Banco de Inversiones S.A. (2014).
  • Private equity firms Warburg Pincus and General Atlantic in the agreement to acquire 50% of Santander’s global asset management business -which values at US$2.7 billion-, which spans eleven countries, mainly in Latin America and Europe, for an approximate total amount of US$924 million (2013).
  • Standard Bank London Holdings PLC in the sale of 80% of the capital stock of Standard Bank Argentina S.A., along with Holding W-S de Inversiones S.A., to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, the world’s largest bank by market capitalization and profitability, for an approximate total amount of US$650 million (2012).
  • Banco de Servicios y Transacciones S.A. and Grupo ST S.A. in the acquisition of 100% of the stock of Banco Cetelem Argentina S.A., owned by BNP Paribas Personal Finance S.A. and Cofica Bail S.A. (2012).
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland in the sale of its Argentine business to Banco Comafi S.A. (2011).
  • Banco Macro S.A. in the acquisition of Banco Privado de Inversiones S.A., financial institution which holds an important position in the credit card business (2010).
  • ING Group in the sale of all the capital stock of the Argentine annuity business company Orígenes Seguros de Retiro S.A. to Grupo Dolphin S.A. and CMS de Argentina S.A. (2009).
  • Diners Club Argentina, in the sale of Provencred, a business focused on retail non-banking financing, to Comafi group -a local business of financial services- (2009).
  • Standard Bank group, in the acquisition of all banking assets of Bank Boston N.A. in Argentina and the controlling interest in 1784 S.A. Sociedad General de Fondos Comunes de Inversión, one of the leading Argentine mutual fund management companies, and Inversora Diagonal S.A. (2007).
  • Grupo ST S.A. and Banco de Servicios y Transacciones S.A., in the acquisition of Credilogros Compañía Financiera S.A., a business focused in retail non-banking financing of the BBVA Banco Francés group (2006).
  • Standard Bank Argentina S.A., in the acquisition of ING Bank N.V., Sucursal Argentina (2006).
  • Banco Macro Bansud S.A., in the acquisition of Banco de Tucumán S.A. from Banco Comafi S.A. (2005).
  • ABN AMRO Asset Management and ABN AMRO Bank in the divestiture of some of its Rembrandt assets in Argentina, taken over by Argentine fund management company Itaú Asset Management S.A. (2005).
  • Société Générale S.A., in the sale of its Argentine subsidiary, Banco Société Générale S.A., to Banco Banex S.A. (2005).
  • Lloyds TSB Bank, in the transfer of its Argentine on-going concern to Banco Patagonia Sudameris S.A. (2005).
  • Gruppo Intesa BCI SpA, in the merger between its Argentine subsidiary Banco Sudameris and Banco Patagonia, a local financial institution (2003).
  • A group of investors, in the acquisition of Providian Bank S.A. (formerly known as Banco Liniers) from Providian Financial (2002).
  • Citigroup Inc. and Grupo Financiero Banamex Accival, S.A. de C.V.Banco Nacional de México S.A., and Banco Bansud S.A., in the Argentine regulatory matters related to the acquisition of Grupo Financiero Banamex Accival by Citigroup for US$12.5 billion (2001).
  • ABN AMRO Bank, N.V., in the sale of its retail banking business in Argentina to Banco de Galicia y Buenos Aires (2001).
  • Crédit Agricole -a través de su negocio local Banco Bisel- en la adquisición del capital accionario de Banco Suquía (2000).
  • Crédit Agricole -through its local business Banco Bisel- in the acquisition of the capital stock of Banco Suquía (2000).
  • Crédit Agricole -through its local business Banco Bisel- in the acquisition of Banco de la Provincia de Entre Ríos (1999).
  • BBVA Banco Francés S.A. and Banco de Crédito Argentino, in the merger of their local operations (1998)..
  • ABN AMRO Bank, en la adquisición de Banco Real en la Argentina (1998).
  • HSBC, in the acquisition of Grupo Roberts (a conglomerate including Banco Roberts and La Buenos Aires Compañía de Seguros, the leading local insurance company) (1997).
  • The Perez Companc family group, in the sale of Banco Río de la Plata S.A. (at the time, the largest Argentine commercial bank) to Banco Santander of Spain (1997).
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