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Climate Action & Sustainable Businesses

We are firmly committed with climate action and sustainable businesses.

En Bruchou:

  • We do believe that climate action should be urgently taken to reduce carbon emissions compatible with the objectives of the UN Paris Agreement.
  • We actively promote a sustainable approach to business among our diversified client platform for which we are fully engaged in supporting their transition to a sustainable future.
  • We have a team of more than 10 partners with constant interaction with our clients to support them with their climate action and ESG agenda.
  • We provide our clients with a multi-practice legal platform to engage with climate action and develop sustainable businesses in their respective areas of activities.
  • We also offer our global platform to cross-border work which is supported with our strong relations with Top International and Latam Law Firms in this field.


Platform for Climate Action and Sustainable Businesses


Fund Formation/ Start Ups

We help our clients to incubate, accelerate and/or acquire start-up businesses related to climate action

Legal Advice + Transactional Work

  • Due diligence work.
  • Corporate structuring and governance.
  • Investment, capitalization and acquisition agreements.
  • Management carried economic interests.
  • Tax efficiency.
Green Bonds & Financing

We help local and international clients to finance projects, issue debt and raise capital in the domestic and international markets in connection with projects and/or actions aimed to deal with climate change. We advise them to carry out the financings and/or issuances in full compliance with climate action/ESG international standards.

Regulatory advice + Transactional work

  • High added value and strong capability to perform multidisciplinary due diligence services with a focus on ESG matters.
  • Deep knowledge on negotiating financings and structuring guarantees.
  • Strong track record on preparing and/or reviewing Offering Memorandum, 20Fs, etc.
  • Ability to coordinate the implementation of tax efficient structures.
  • Ability to advice clients for full compliance with ICMA’s principles and local regulation. ICMA (International Capital Market Association, por sus siglas en inglés) y con la regulación local.

Learn more about our expertise here.

Renewable Energy

We advise international and local developers, power generators, investors, development agencies, multilateral organizations, financial entities and suppliers of goods and services related to renewable energy investments, including:

  • Greenfield development.
  • M&A.
  • Regulatory law.
  • RenovAr tenders and participation in the contract market (MATER).
  • Power purchase agreements.
  • Assistance in the implementation of the project (construction agreements -EPC-, supply agreements, agreements with landowners).
  • Project finance.

Our track record and market share show the experience of our team, its specialization and 360-degree view of each project.


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)


Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG") matters are increasingly endorsed by consumers and investors and will dominate the corporate agenda of the next years.

We provide full legal support and advise our clients to manage a full ESG agenda:

Environmental Law

Environmental matters require from our clients full awareness and deep involvement when going through their business decision-making process. We normally make part of that process and provide a variety of legal and regulatory solutions.

  • We advise in carbon trading matters, offsetting and mitigation projects.
  • We deeply engage in crisis management of environmental conflicts and litigation.
  • We assist our clients to obtain their licenses to operate and engage with local communities and indigenous people.
  • We assist clients in the implementation of public participation and consultation mechanisms.
  • We conduct on-site legal environmental audits.
  • We collaborate in the implementation of HSE management systems and preventive environmental legal strategies.
  • We assist our clients to conduct Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • We collaborate in designing remediation and industrial reconversion plans.
  • We provide in-house training on legal environmental matters.
  • We help our clients to draft their environmental compliance programs.
  • We advise on environmental matters related to commercial transactions.

Learn more about our environmental expertise here.


Social matters have a direct impact on a company's business, in particular when they relate to employees, suppliers, customers, and the local communities in which they operate. We deeply engage with our clients on these matters providing legal and regulatory advice.

  • We engage with local communities, indigenous people and other stakeholders.
  • Asesoramos a nuestros clientes en la implementación de mecanismos de participación y consulta pública.
  • We assist clients in the implementation of public participation and consultation mechanisms.
  • We are advisers of choice for Latam governments and international organisations on policy reforms related to bribery and corruption.

We advise our clients to ensure that lobbying and other interactions with public officials comply with law and regulations. here.

In addition, you can visit our practice of Labor Law & Social Security.



Corporate governance is essential to manage risks and capitalize on investments and opportunities. We provide our clients with the latest local regulations and global trends to a modern governance approach for their corporate decision-making process.

  • We provide support to fulfill multi-step verification process to meet the requirements for B Corporations certification.
  • We advise our listed clients on local corporate governance requirements as regards latest regulatory developments (i.e: OECD-G20 Principles).
  • We engage with our clients in the selection criteria for appointing “independent” board members as per local regulations.
  • We provide advise in connection with executive pay and short/long term compensation schemes.
  • We provide advice on shareholders’ rights regarding ESG matters to prevent potential shareholders’ litigation.
  • We help companies subject to mandatory human rights rules to conduct due diligence in their value chain.
  • We advise board members and audit committees on compliance regional regulatory trends.
  • We conduct internal investigations in Argentina and other Latam jurisdictions over fraud, bribery, antitrust, conflict of interests and other internal policies violations.
  • We conduct ABC (anti-bribery compliance) and AML (anti-money laundering) pre-acquisition due diligence.
  • We advise clients in post-acquisition integration of compliance cultures.
  • We help our clients to design, implement and audit their ABC and AML compliance programs.

Learn more about our Corporate Governance expertise here.

In addition, you can visit our practice of Corporate Compliance, Internal Investigations and Business Crime.
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